For people who want to straighten their teeth, but don’t want to deal with metal braces, clear braces can be a great option. Since this procedure involves using a series of custom designed clear aligners, a trained provider is needed to move your smile in the right direct.

Picking the right dental professional might seem overwhelming. Luckily, you can visit us at Bryan Dahler, DDS Family Dentistry in Lakewood, CO to see how we work hand in hand with dental technicians to create perfectly fit clear aligners for you.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces gently and gradually move your teeth with a series of clear aligners made just for you. There are a few reasons this might be a better option for you than traditional metal braces.


Now you can change your smile gradually without making a loud statement to the world. Clear braces are practically invisible so they won’t get in the way of your look and style. 


Unlike metal braces that have wires and brackets that can poke and irritate your tongue and the inside of your mouth, clear braces smoothly move your teeth gradually towards the look you want.


With clear braces, you are not forced to brush and floss around brackets and wires or only eat certain types of food. Having clear aligners doesn’t disrupt your normal life the way metal braces tend to affect daily habits.

Why should I get clear braces?

If you are dissatisfied with the look of your smile, clear braces are the discrete and minimally invasive way to make a change. You may have seen our patients in Lakewood, Denver, Wheat Ridge ,Arvada, Westminster, Englewood, Golden,, and the surrounding areas wearing clear aligners and not even known it.  Now it’s easier than ever to get the smile you always wanted without drastically changing your life.   

How do I take care of my clear braces?

Since the clear aligners are removable, it is simple and easy to clean them and maintain good oral hygiene. For most aligners, can simply brush them and rinse in lukewarm water.

You should of course also keep up good oral hygiene habits to maintain a mouth healthy and strong gums. A clean and healthy mouth will also keep your aligners working and looking better.

How do I know if clear braces are right for me?

If you need to change the alignment of your smile for cosmetic or medical reasons, clear braces might work for you. Patients from Lakewood, Denver, Wheat Ridge ,Arvada, Westminster, Englewood, Golden,, and the surrounding areas have becoming to Bryan Dahler, DDS Family Dentistry for expert consultations. Give us a call at (303) 421-8753 to schedule a consultation to determine if clear braces are right for you!